Hotel "Koleso"

Small Hotel Koleso
Small Hotel Koleso
Small Hotel Koleso
"Love Attic"
Rest Room in Banya

Стоимость от 1900 руб./сутки


It is impossible to find two identical decorated rooms in the hotel. Each room is a masterpiece where all details are well thought-out and made accuracy.


Comfort and serenity are two key-words in the hall decoration. Visitors can feel them when enter the hall and see tender flowers print on the wall.

№1 France
The room is spacious and in pastel blue. Each detail is well thought-out. The most amazing and interesting thing in the room is a figured forged bed. The bed will charm you!

№2 Germany
A hand-made automobile-bed with a built-in plasma TV-set is the most striking trait of the room. There is minimum furniture in this room. However the interior is perfect!

№3 Russia

A carved double bed is a creative designer`s decision. Making comfort and convenience was the main task to the designer. Smell of wood will make you calm.

№4 Chukotka
Well-planned layout of the room will give you an opportunity to enjoy sunshine during the most part of the day. Natural building materials and colours dominate here. Excellent insolation creates aura of warmth and comfort.

№5 Japan
The name of the room speaks for itself! Some decoration details are in Japan style: fabric of the furniture, a very big fan on the wall, a pair of silk curtains. Palette of the room will make you feel like in Japan.

№6 India
Harmony of lines and pastel pink colour will impress you! This room is made for connoisseurs of India and Indian culture.

№7 Africa
Combination of brown and yellow will make a sense of harmony. You will feel like in Jungles. The interior creates atmosphere of solitariness.

Classical elegant style and high-quality natural building-materials create atmosphere of comfort and convenience. Dominating of white colour makes aura of romance. This restaurant is a good choice both for families and business men. Slavic cuisine, sounds of guitar and saxophone will deeply impress you!

Russian Banya
It is made from adler timber in accordance with the ancient drawings. Here you can not only have a rest but improve your condition and establish health.

Steam room
Visit to a steam room will help you relax and forget about your troubles. Here you can find inner harmony and tranquillity.

Rest room
The designer`s creative decision is low pastel orange leather furniture with texture of wood which help you relax.
At night you can stargaze through a wide window over the double bed.


Room Price
"Africa" a single room 1900 руб.
"France" a double room 2600 руб.
"Chukotka" a double room 2100 руб.
"Germany" a double room 3600 руб.
"Russia" a double room 2600 руб.
"India" a double room 2100 руб.
"Japan" a single room 1900 руб.
"Love Attic" a double room 4300 руб.
"Hi-Tech" a double room 2900 руб.
"Cosmos" a double room 4300 руб.
"Cave" a double room 2900 руб.

Extra service

Service Availability
Amenities yes
Parking yes
Internet access yes
Phone yes
Refrigerator no
Sauna yes
Restaurant yes
Air conditioning "Cave", "Love Attic", "Cosmos"
TV yes
Breakfast yes
Payment by credit card is available yes

Стоимость от 1900 руб./сутки



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