Main Smolensk Booking rules

Booking rules

Terms of Booking

1. No fee is charged for booking!
2. No premium is paid for advance booking. All prices are in accordance with the price-lists of the hotels.
3.Payment by cash is available and takes place directly at the hotel. Payment by credit card is received 3 working days before the date of the first night stay .
4.Bookings are made through the electronic reservation system available under, or +7(4812) 40-43-75, +7(4812) 31-67-86
5.It is necessary to confirm reservation on the phone or by e-mail 24 hours before the date of the first night stay.
6. If your request is confirmed, accommodation at the hotel is guaranteed.

Booking Order

1.Your request is received by the Manager.
2. The Manager specifies information on availability of the rooms at the hotel you want to be accommodated.
3. The Manager connects you via phone or e-mail within 24 hours after having receipt of the request. If you make a request on Saturday or Sunday , the Manager considers it as soon as possible within the first working day. If the rooms where you want to be accommodated are not available, the Manager proposes an alternative.
4. If the suggested variants suit you, the confirmation of reservation will be sent (if you pay by cash) or invoice will be issued (if you pay by credit card).
5. Payment by credit card is effected within 3 days before the date of the first night stay. If payment is not received the Manager has the right to terminate order.
6.Any modifications must be made no less than 24 hours before the day of the service commencement.

* "Smolensk Travel" Company ("Twins" Ltd. Corporation) and the hotels we reserve for you signed the Service and Reservation Contract.


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