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Holiday Camp “Chaika”

Big Cottage
Big Cottage
Big Cottage
National Park
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Living Luxury Room
The Rytoe Lake
The Rytoe Lake
The Rytoe Lake

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The camp is situated at a distance of 116 km from Smolensk in the national Park “Smolenskoe Poozerie” on the sore of the lake Rytoe. Pinewoods and spruce forests surround the comfy guest houses.
The holiday camp is enough to accommodate 50 guests.
The cottages consist of four bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom unit including the toilet and a shower cabin. There are double rooms in the cottages.
The other cottages consist of two or three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom unit with a shower cabin and the toilet. The apartments accommodate five or six persons. Autonomous heating are in all the rooms. That means it is possible to live there all the year round. TV and refrigerator are available.
The restaurant is situated in the ship-house which will surprise you! You will have an opportunity to taste Russian and European cuisine. Accommodation price includes breakfast.
Some nice summer terraces are at your disposal. They are situated near the beautiful lake.
Playgrounds for children are provided too.

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Стоимость от 9999999 руб./сутки


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