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Hotel Estate "Lafer"

Hotel Estate in Gerchiki
Hotel Estate in Gerchiki

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Smolensk. Combination of modern style and XIX century features creates a very comfortable atmosphere.
At your disposal is the whole estate or its wings. The total number of sleeping accommodations is 32.
A cozy buffet restaurant is a pride of the complex. Reservation amount includes visit to sauna, swimming pool, gym, riding and so on. Delicate cuisine, comfortable interior, high-qualified staff and hospitality will make your stay unforgettable!
Smorgasbord price - 1000 rubles per one person

Arrival days
1. Wednesday 12:00 - Thursday 11:00 (23 hours)
2. Thursday 12:00 - Friday 11:00 (23 hours)
3. Friday 12:00 - Saturday 16:00 (28 hours)
4.Saturday 17:00 - Sunday 21:00 (28 hours)

Please, take notice! For the weekend accommodation price moves up 25%!


Room Price
Wing 1 9700 руб. руб.
Wing 2 9700 руб. руб.
Wing 3 17400 руб. руб.
Wing 4 18700 руб. руб.
the Estate (4 wings) 49950 руб. руб.

Extra service

Service Availability
Amenities yes
Parking yes
Internet access yes
Phone no
Refrigerator no
Sauna yes
Restaurant yes
Air conditioning no
TV yes
Breakfast no

Стоимость от руб./сутки